VZW isn’t 100% evil afterall

I like it when companies have common sense and do the right thing at times… Email correspondance between me and VZW:

I ordered the new Pink RAZR v3c phone online with the ‘Upgrade Phone’ option 2 days ago. I just noticed the price of the phone with 2-year contract has gone from $249.99 to $199.99 *IN 2 DAYS*. I am wondering if you would be able credit me the difference. This would save both of us the troubles of me returning it and then getting another one for the lower price.

My order number is xxxxxxxxx. If you would credit the $50 difference to the AMEX credit card I used for the order, or to my Verizon account, I would highly appreciate it.

Their reply:

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website.  I appreciate your inquiry regarding your recent equipment order. My name is xxxx, and I am happy to assist you today.

I understand your concern for the price difference in your handset, and the current price of the same handset. Because we value you as a customer, I have applied a $50.00 credit to your account. Please be advised that this is a one-time courtesy. This is normally not our process, however I can definitely understand since you ordered your handset two days ago.

We appreciate your business. Please contact us at our website for any of your future needs.  Again, thank you for using Verizon Wireless products and services.

Companies really shouldn’t mess with bloggers!! 😀

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