Dude, seriously, VZW is starting to piss me off by disabling OBEX on all non-PDA phones… I didn’t care about this until I got the pink RAZR v3c for Sherry and found out the latest .03 VZW firmware had OBEX disabled. I compared the .02 and .03 images and looks like VZW/Moto ripped out the OBEX code completely in the image. Not a big deal, I will just have to flash the .02 image on her phone, but still, they should stop messing with Bluetooth capabilities on their phones or they will see exodus to GSM providers. Too bad all the GSM providers in the U.S. still sucks…

Verizon gives in, allows DUN from cellphones – Engadget

Verizon Wireless has given in to consumer demand, and will now allow customers to use most compatible cellphones as broadband modems.

Verizon is,
however, keeping at least one restriction: DUN via Bluetooth will still be officially
off-limits; the only way to legally connect will be via USB cables.

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