MacNN | “Golden Apple” for Jobs due in March

He has certainly done a stellar job, I guess he deserves that $800m, but still, holy shit! that’s a shit load of money!

MacNN | “Golden Apple” for Jobs due in March:

Jobs will be able to cash in on more than $800 million from his restricted stock grant he received in 2003

“It’s a bargain,” said Chuck Jones, who helps manage $16 billion for Atlantic Trust Stein Roe in San Francisco, including Apple shares. “I’d gladly pay him another $808.6 million to have him create another $65 billion in market cap.”

Jobs also owns 60 million shares of his “other” company, Pixar. His 50.1 percent stake in the company, which is worth about $3.4 billion now, has increased in value by 20 percent or more each of the past five years, according to the report.

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