Shure E500

Shure introduced the E500, their triple-driver universal fit cans. It costs about the same as the UE-5c, which is dual-driver but a friend of mine likes it better than the UE-10 Pro. I don’t know, $500 is a lot for universal fit IEMs, custom ones will always have better isolation and be more comfortable, and they look a lot cooler. I am very interested in how the additional driver works in the E500. The UE-10 Pro gives you more bass, but the effect is very minimal. I generally like Shure’s sound signature more than that of Ety and probably UE. I’m sure the Head-fiers are very excited about yet another pair high end IEMs.

Shure unveils E500 sound isolating earphones

Shure has introduced its new high-end E500 sound isolating earphones. The E500s feature triple drivers and an innovative ?Push-to-Hear? option that lets you alternate between music isolation and the outside world by automatically activating an external microphone and muting the music.

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