Canon EOS 20D follow-on features wishlist

The Nikon D200 will be available very very soon, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Canon will put out something better than the D200 as their 20D follow-on. I believe I have put my 20D to pretty damn good use. I use it extensively in my studio with my Alien Bees setup, before I got my studio equipments I did a lot of location shoots with it. I brought it to Europe for vacation pictures, and I use it for casual snapshots (it’s my only camera now, well, my Treo650 isn’t really a real camera). About thirteen-thousand frames and forteen months later, I can think of the following features wishlist for the 20D follow-on, I’ll add to this list when I come up with more. (and please feel free to post comments!)

  • Much larger image buffer, preferably large enough so I will be able to shoot RAW at maximum fps rate until CF card gets full
  • Larger and brighter LCD screen
  • Bigger and brighter viewfinder, also want more frame coverage in VF
  • ISO display in viewfinder
  • Effective aperture display, I might get a Nikon setup just for this feature, it would help A LOT in macro works
  • Built-in wireless flash capability like in the Nikon D200 (and while they’re at it, why not make it compatible with Pocket Wizard?)
  • Spot meter
  • Quieter shutter
  • Even better noise control
  • Custom NR curve
  • RGB histograms
  • More MP will always be good, but having followed Canon’s cameras this is sorta a given
  • Weather-sealing would be nice, but since the 5D doesn’t have it, I highly doubt they would do it in a prosumer body.
  • I am pretty sure they won’t do this, but I would really love for it to be full-frame (and I know there is the 5D). FF will make the 85/1.2L and the 135/2L very useful, it would also make my 24-70/2.8L more wide-angle, and my 70-200/2.8L would become a lot more useful for portraits

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3 thoughts on “Canon EOS 20D follow-on features wishlist

  1. davidwkk

    You’re wishing for something much more feature-loaded, but less expensive than 5D… that’s indeed a dream.

    In the meantime, I’ve tested 5D in Canon’s showroom, and I’m quite satisfied with it (compared to 10D)… so, that’s what I’m going for…

  2. ayn Post author

    Frankly, I am VERY tempted to switch to the D200. The D200 is priced at slightly higher than the 20D introductory price but with some very desirable features. But I am hopeful that it will be eclipsed by the 20D follow-on. FF is nice to have, but I’ve lived without it so far and it’s fine.

    Another way to see this may well be that I’ve outgrown the 20D-level bodies, and upgrading to a pro or semi-pro body is the only way to go. But there are so much more I can get out of the 20D, the camera is not limiting the quality of my photography. In other words, upgrading to the 5D or the 1D-series will not automatically make my pictures better, so this, and their cost, are the main reasons why I am most likely going to stay with a prosumer body.

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