doppio ristretto at Barefoot

I’m at Barefoot right now to pick up some coffee beans, they give you a free cup of coffee or a shot when you buy a pound of beans. So I got a doppio ristretto, it was GOOOOD. They know their shit here at Barefoot, all of their baristas are capable of pouring perfect rosetta latte arts. Very impressive indeed. It was cool, after the girl pulled my shot she announced “double ristretto?”, I went to pick it up at the counter and the guys next to me kindda gave me a serious look and I overheard them saying “damn, that is some serious stuff”. LOL…

Last Saturday we went to a place in SF’s North Beach area, I’m not gonna mention their name, but it was supposed to be a very good coffee shop. I asked if they knew how to pull a ristretto and the guy was like, sure. As expected he just gave me a regular and poorly-prepared espresso shot that tasted sour.

btw, I just saw that Little City got a new website, looking good! I miss their Little City Blend, the blends here at Barefoot are top-notch though.

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