more quick and dirty restaurant reviews

  • Koi Palace (???): Finally made it to this Chinese restaurant, right after we started driving there I got a text from Peter, a college friend, so we ended up meeting there for dim-sum. The wait was long but was worth it. Best Chinese food in bay area so far. We went there again the day after, it was that good.
  • North Beach Pizza: Jen and Jonas recommended this place, so we went there for dinner on Saturday. Pretty good stuff, I still like John’s Pizzeria in NYC or Frank & Angie‘s in Austin better. I also like Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, I get them via from work. Their Manhattan red clam pizza is awesome.
  • Colibri – Mexican Bistro: Sherry and I was in the Union Square area Sunday night and just wandered around looking for a place to eat. This place got a Zagat decal on the window and there was no wait, so we decided to try it. Loved their prepared-to-order guacamole. The food is tapas style, but they were in pretty good sizes for tapas. Never had this kind of mexican food before, very good stuff.

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