Christmas carols

Sherry and I were at Union Square last night. There was a huge Christmas tree there, it’s Macy’s gift to the city. There were musical performances of Christmas songs on the stage and lyrics were passed out to passers-by. It reminded me of my days in choir; the holiday concert at noon on the last day of class is Carnegie Mellon tradition. I was in Dr. Page‘s choir for 2 years and it was fun. I remember I was usually in the middle of finishing an ECE project (or 3 of them) and had to take a break, put on my tux, and hurry for that concert. I couldn’t afford the time for choir in my last 2 years when I started taking graduate level courses, it was a shame. I still managed to do piano studios and other music courses to fulfill my requirements for my music minor, but those classes were pretty easy and not all that time-consuming.

A lot of voice majors hated Dr. Page, because he always demands the best from us, and if you major in voice you’d better take his classes seriously or he could get mean. He was always kind to me though.

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