SF Auto Show writeup by Jason

Jason and I went to the opening day of the SF Auto Show, he just posted a very detail writeup at Carmudgeons.com. It pretty much sums up the day in the post. Basically the coolest car we saw was a silver Ruf 996 Turbo R on King Street on the way to the auto show, it was clean, he didn’t even have a radar detector on his windshield, the exhaust also sounded very mean. On the floor, we liked the new Civic Si the best. It was quite a car, only thing I hated on that car was the e-brake handle, it looks like a small u-know-what. I found an iPod dock connector in the glovebox, very cool! Without NAV, it’s priced at under 20k, that is a crazy deal for the performance and the exclusivity. You know this car will not depreciate at all!

Quite sadly, neither of us were impressed by any of the new offerings by BMW… The M5’s numbers look good, we’ve seen the writeup on m5board, but it’s one FUGLY car with a high-reving motor that is most likely gonna blow up when driven hard. The Audi RS6 was much more interesting, and it looks badass to boot!

I hope I’ll see the Ruf Turbo R at one of the nearby tracks one of these days, it certainly belongs on one.

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