some quick and dirty restaurant reviews:

  • Arthur’s: Very close to my condo, it is only about 5 minutes away. Arthur’s is an old fashion upscale restaurant. The exterior looks like a motel, the restaurant itself is very large. We went there Tuesday night and all of the surrounding tables in the area were empty, so lots of privacy. Prices were high, but I had a $25 certificate so it was alright… Food… 7/10
  • Habana Cuba: Cuban place, food was great, mojito was awesome, way better than the girly shit served at Cuba Libre, but not still not nearly as good as that place in downtown Houston recommended by Seoulfully. The food was better than Habana at their old South Congress location (the new 6th St location really sucks!). Pretty cheap, especially with a $25 certificate.
  • Top of the Mark: I made reservation for this via a long while ago, this place has much hype, and it does has a cool name. Took us a while to find it, like most things in SF, a missed turn resulted in 10 extra minutes going through traffic. The restaurant is located at the very top floor of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, the hotel looks exquisite from the outside, inside, it’s a bit dated and old. The view from the restaurant was great, that is kindda why ppl go there, but SF really doesn’t look all that good at night, like if you’ve seen Hong Kong or NYC, SF is nothing special, seriously. But the view is probably the best you can get in SF… They have a set menu, and for $20 more you get wine pairing with each course, this is supposedly a good deal coz you get 4 glasses and they are $10 each by the glass. I think it’s a fair deal, it should really be about $5 a glass as it was just so-so, as was the food. They used really cheap wine glasses, which was a big turn-off. Definitely not worth thier price (~250 for 2), but it’s not bad if you feel like dressing up for an evening night out or impressing your date. There was live lounge music after 9pm, we saw the cutest gay couple dancing there, very cool, very SF.

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