5g iPods outselling Nanos

We believe video iPod buyers are mostly installed base users attracted to its high storage capacity, video capability, and reasonable price points, while nanos are attracting more mainstream MP3 users.

AppleInsider | Fifth-generation iPod sales strong, outselling nano at some stores?

On a side note, congratulations to seoulfully for passing the BAR! He’s probably off to get his Nano right now, but I have a feeling that he might walk out with a 5g iPod instead… 😉

One thought on “5g iPods outselling Nanos

  1. seoulfully

    NO to the 5g. what do i need vid for? higher storage capacities? bah! while it’d be nice to have all my music all the time, eventually i’d outgrow it. and then i wouldn’t. plus, having all my music all the time means a lot of skipping tracks. (=

    of course, a nano means either i’ll have to figure out 4gb worth of the music i love most (or at least most at the moment) or risk itunes not putting songs i want on my nano (which happens now with my 15gb g3).

    but i WILL say, it’s very tempting to get a 5g over nano for the huge bump in capacity for $50. of course, that was the argument against the mini too… i just want something tiny, to work out with. (=

    haha, but i HAVE to wait to get my nano.. at least a little. pass the bar, yes. got a job yet, no. hahaa


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