Rob Galbraith’s D200 preview

If the image quality is solid (managing noise at ISO 400 and above has been a challenge for Nikon in recent times) and the new autofocus system is reasonably capable, then the D200 may well be one of the most interesting digital SLR models the company will release in some time. At first glance, it looks to be an effective response to Canon’s slightly less expensive entry-level pro camera the EOS 20D, because the D200 will almost certainly have a more-capable flash system, it produces a higher-resolution photo and most of its other main specifications meet or exceed those of the Canon model too. We’ll wait to view the pictures produced by the D200 before declaring it the superior of the two, however, since the image quality from the 20D is really good, and it’s especially impressive at the higher ISO settings where Nikon’s other double-digital megapixel camera, the D2X, falters.

More interesting bits:

We did learn that, unlike all current and previous CCD-based Nikon digital SLR cameras back to the D1, the shutter in the D200 is fully-responsible for controlling the exposure time. For photographers who rarely use non-dedicated flash units, this won’t mean much. For those who shoot sports with Elinchrom or other studio strobes, as we do, this means it won’t be possible to cheat the sync speed well above 1/250th with this camera. High-speed flash synchronization is possible only with a compatible Nikon Speedlight.

Rob Galbraith DPI: Nikon announces D200 digital SLR

I like:
soft shutter button
ISO display in VF
2.5″ LCD
built-in flash that can be disabled but used to trip remote Speedlights
more res, better for cropping

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