2 thoughts on “Quick pic of my “portable rig”

  1. seoulfully

    some of those ppl really take the portable out of portable… seriously. it’s like they have a nano or a shuffle, but add an amp and then some other breakout box then these HUGE cans… really, how portable is all that? if it takes you more than 2 minutes to pull it out of your bag and set up to listen and another 5+ minutes to carefully store it away, it’s not really portable like how i’d consider portable… that being said, i’m envious of some of those setups…

  2. ayn Post author

    I know what you mean, but to Head-Fiers portable means something they can carry out from their homes and enjoy while on-the-go, while making minimal compromise in SQ. I just can’t make myself buy a portable amp, because to me that is not very portable… But one of these days I might get a good source component and a headphone amp at home… (much cheaper than getting 2-stage amp and speakers)


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