Fix For Sluggish 5G iPod Interface

Nice, just did this, all my album arts are pretty big, that’s why my 5g iPod was a bit slow… After disabling and re-enabling iPod album arts my new iPod’s interface is much smoother and faster! 🙂

Fix For Sluggish 5G iPod Interface:

So you bought one of the new 5G video iPods and have loaded it up with all your music and album art. But you notice that the interface is much more sluggish than previous generation iPods! Scrolling through your list of songs is significantly slower and gameplay when playing the “brick” and “parachute” games with a song going in the background is unacceptable! Fortunately, there’s a fix. It has to do with your album art not being optimized on the iPod. Here’s how to fix it.

1) Plug your iPod into your computer and open iTunes Preferences.
2) In the iPod section of the preferences, turn off the “Album Art” option.
3) Disconnect your iPod and reconnect it to update the iPod.
4) Now go back to the Preferences and re-enable the “Album Art” option.
5) You’ll see iTunes begin to optimize the album art related to your songs. This could take several minutes depending on how much album art you have in your iTunes database.

When you’re all done, the 5G iPod’s interface should be nice and snappy again.

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