Diam! SigmaTel finally released 3600!

I just blogged about this not too long ago, was on IM with a friend at SigmaTel and turned out they released the 3600 yesterday

It sounds pretty impressive:

Compared to current high capacity flash-based players on the market, the SigmaTel STMP3600 provides up to an 80% increase in battery life and smaller form factor design capabilities through the integration of battery recharge, power management, audio codec, and flash controller on a single chip solution. With support for all major audio codecs including MP3, Windows Media Audio, AAC, and OGG Vorbis, the STMP3600 offers industry-leading audio quality (based on tests using Rhode and Schwarz Audio Analyzer technology). In addition to world class audio, the STMP3600 will support MPEG4, H.264 and WMV9 video codecs at varying resolutions and bit rates.

Their stocks didn’t move much though, everybody knows it’s too late, they missed huge opportunities like the iPod Nano… oh well…

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