iPod 5G teardown

PDF file of iPod 5G teardown

PLAY still kindda trending down though… LOL… I guess everybody knew when it was announced so this is not news to investors…

Interesting bits on SGTL:

SigmaTel (SGTL – Hold, $14.70). Although no one had expected
SigmaTel to secure this design win, given its lack of an ARM core
and late delivery of its 3600, we believe that the entrance of
Broadcom into this market adds one more obstacle preventing it
from securing a new Apple design win next year.

Now, if any of my former SigmaTel colleagues reads this, when the f is 3600 going to come out?! 😉

To be fair, when they finally put it out it might replace quite a few of the chips listed in the BOM. (this is all I can say without getting into serious troubles)…

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