Interesting features/upgrades on new PowerBooks

Interesting features/upgrades on new PowerBooks (15 and 17), besides the
obvious like higher res, longer battery life, and brighter display:

  • 8x SuperDrive ( DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) is now
  • 17″ comes with 120GB hard drive! Wow, that is nice!
  • the mini-stereo input (mic) and output (headphone) ports are now
    mini-optical ports, just like the port in the Airport Express, this is very cool!
  • backlit keyboard now standard, this might not be new though, but my 15PB
    doesn’t have that
  • 5.5 hr of battery life is very impressive
  • S-Video to composite adaptor included now

It’s disappointing to see the 12″ PowerBook still has a 256MB RAM
module on-board, so maximum without soldering is still 1.25GB.

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