NetNewsWire Mac feedreader bought by NewsGator

I’ve been using NetNewsWire since I got my Mac, just read that they (well, he) got bought by NewsGator. I have a NewsGator account, but I haven’t used it for a long time… Their Windows RSS reader was very good, but not good enough for me to pay for it. I hope they would continue the free “Lite” version of NNW.

NetNewsWire Mac feedreader bought by NewsGator:
Cory Doctorow:
I’m a committed user of NetNewsWire, a feedreader for the Mac that’s got a clean, easy-to-use UI and is pretty responsive. The author of NNW, Brent Simmons, has been really excellent about following up on bug reports, something that has really given me ongoing confidence in the app.

Now NewsGator, a company that makes a Windows-based feedreader of the same name, has purchased Brent’s company, Ranchero Software and hired Brent to go on developing NNW. This has got to be great news for all concerned — Brent gets a little dough and more support to go on developing his great tools, Newsgator gets to add a badly needed Mac app to its lineup.

Congrats Brent! Looking forward to lots more NetNewsWire updates — this is the app that lets me drink straight from the Internet firehose and I couldn’t live without it.


(Thanks, Mike and Daniel!)

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