Fare Thee Well, Paper & Ink

This sucks, I love that store! I’m sorta into fountain pens, so I used to go there often. There was another paper store next to Central Market on Lamar that was really cool too. Best of luck to Kelly Fielding, the owner.

Fare Thee Well, Paper & Ink:


One of our favorite stationery and producers of all personalized-paper-related products and services stores is closing its doors. You may remember reading an earlier post about our good friends at Paper & Ink. Well, starting Monday, Oct 3rd, all inventory, fixtures, furniture and displays will be majorly discounted. All personalized stationery and holiday card orders are 25% off. Their last day open will be Oct. 28th – a new tenant is moving in on the following Monday! (We can not speak the new tenant’s name here; not out of hatred, just cuz’a like legality issues and such. But look for more about that space later in this space

For more information, check out the owner’s note to her customers.

Paper & Ink
706 Congress Ave.
Closing Its Doors Sale

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