Gallery2 and Safari

I’m not very impressed with the performance of Gallery2, it’s MUCH MUCH slower than G1. I understand it has database backend, the codebase is huge in comparison, yada yada yada… Still, vB is pretty big and it runs quite fast on my server.

I also tried viewing my G2 gallery in Firefox instead of Safari on my PowerBook, and guess what, Firefox is MUCH faster! I know, Safari is not the fastest browser anymore, but still, there must be something about how G2 does CSS or the dynamic shit that makes it super slow in Safari (and probably Konqueror too).

I don’t recommend upgrading your gallery to G2, or using G2, unless you have more than 4k pictures. My snapshot gallery had around 3k pictures and it worked just fine. I guess I could downgrade, my G1 installation is intact, I’ll have to think about this more…

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