Snapshot gallery upgraded to G2

I messed up the album database of my snapshot gallery, had to restore from a known-good backup and apply the difference since the backup was made, not a problem. I then decided to upgrade to G2, the upgrade went smoothly, was able to import my Gallery 1 albums without any problem. There was a minor annoyance though; there should a default layout for the top-level gallery, and one for the albums. I wanted the classic theme for the top-level page coz it shows one album per row with the sub-album tree on the right. But for each album, I wanted to use the matrix theme so I get 3 items per row. To accomplish this, I had to set the default to classic, and went into each individual album to change its theme to matrix. Took a while with the number of albums I have.

Also, in the Edit Album page, there should be an option to apply the changes recursively to each sub-album in the tree, this was there in G1, no reason why they can’t do it in G2. It would’ve saved a lot of my time if I was able to set stuff recursively. 🙂

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