TV… decisions decisions…

So I need a new TV for the condo, I left my old Sony Trinitron in my house in Austin. Well, I need a new TV anyway, it’s been a while. 🙂

I considered getting a plasma monitor, I went to Costco a couple of times to check them out. I usually start my shopping at Costco, mainly because of their excellent return policy (and then I check Amazon next, because of their shipping and return policies, and my Amazon Prime membership, ;))… Anyway, Costco had a Vizio 42″ HDTV plasma for $2k, I found this very long thread about it and sounded like everyone agreed it’s the best deal out there. The thing is though, I kindda need to get HD feeds for an HDTV, and I almost never watch TV live, time-shifting is key, I don’t like watching commercials and I want to watch all the stuff in my own time, usually early weekend mornings… Problem is, there is no HD TiVo yet, and my condo’s patio is not facing the right direction for SAT TV… I can get HD feeds from Comcast but I would have to be there to watch them, which sucks…

So, I’m going to pick up a regular 4:3 TV from Costco, they got this Sharp 32″ flat tube for cheap… When TiVo-HD comes out I guess I’ll consider bring it back to Costco to upgrade to an HD plasma, by that time they should be only around $1.5k, LOL.

And if I do movie nights, I can reserve the 16-seat theater at the clubhouse… I need to check if that costs anything… It really shouldn’t coz there is like a $400 HOA fee… there are 264 condos, that’s $105k a month of HOA fee, which should really more than cover all the fancy stuff they do in the clubhouse and the pools and what not… good thing I’m renting it, that’s a lot of money for HOA fee for a condo. tsk tsk…

Now, I wonder when Sling will have a version for OS X… 😉

3 thoughts on “TV… decisions decisions…

  1. seoulfully

    it’s local-specific, but i’d be really really surprised if comcast didn’t have an HD dvr set-top cable box. they have them in DC. dual-tuner even. my sister has one and she said that she actually likes the interface as much, if not more than tivo (unless you really like tivo suggestions, bc comcast boxes have no similar feature).

  2. ayn Post author

    Just checked out their flash demo for the dual-tunner dvr, looks like it does know about lineup changes… Hmm… tempting… 😉

    update: after more research on the DVR, looks like it’s again typical MOT, not exactly reliable, so I’ll stick with TiVo. Support my local businesses, LOL! Thread here.


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