Activated my APP

Fedex delivered my AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) for my PowerBook, I just activated it online. I’m not sure why they actually have to send me a box that contains the number, instead of just giving me the number online, or better yet, ask for my serial number and personal info, and add it to my records when I pay for it. Strange it seems…

This is actually the very first time I bought any kind of extended warranty, I always thought they were waste of money, like those they try to sell to you at Best Buy, and they always made me feel like an idiot for not buying it. Another reason I’ve been buying stuff from Amazon instead. APP is different though, especially for a portable. Sherry bought her dual-USB iBook G3 from eBay and it turned out the it had AppleCare, she had sent it in for repair so many times that it paid for the cost of APP several times. And they even gave her a brand new iBook G4 in the end. Well, she could’ve got one without APP, but she probably wouldn’t have sent it in for the repairs that were not related to the logic board problem.

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