the connection at my hotel Part 2

The Internet connection here didn’t improve much even at after midnight, so it wasn’t the peak hour traffic that was a problem… I called LodgeNet and the guy had no clue and told me he would work on it. I was tired anyway so I went to sleep. Woke up this morning , same thing. Called them again, and I connected my PowerBook to the ethernet directly just so he could ping it. Turn out the Airport Express was the problem. So I thanked him and opened up Airport Admin Util, and I noticed the Airport Express itself has a 10.10 IP address, the hotel DHCP server also assigns 10.10 address, so that didn’t look right. So I pretty much enabled the Distribute IP addresses feature in the Airport Express, which basically turns on its DHCP server, and I had it distribute 198.168 address… rebooted the Airport Express and wala, fast Internet connection again! 🙂

The hotel must’ve changed something yesterday, as the previous Airport Express configuration worked before, and I’ve been here for more than 10 days. hmm…

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