So the EOS 5D is real:

Canon EOS 5D, full-frame 12.8 megapixel: Digital Photography Review

Canon USA’s official link

$3.3k, that’s quite a bit of change, don’t think this is better than the D2x, which is just a couple of hundred bucks more. Couple points from brief inspection of the specs:

  • more MP is good, especially if you’re like me, who crops more than I probably should, 12.8MP is nice.
  • however, a CR2 RAW at 4368×2912 would probably be about 20MB, and my PowerBook probably can’t handle that kindda file size.
  • it doesn’t support EF-S, and looks like there is no FOV crop, this is great if you do landscape and need the wider focal length, my friend Kevin would love it, his 17-40/4L will really give him the 17mm in the lowest end.
  • sync speed of the 5D is slower than the 20D, 1/200 vs 1/250 of the 20D, probably not a big deal, but I fixed shutter speed at 1/250 when I shoot with my strobes, I guess this, plus the zero FOV crop, will increase DOF.
  • Spot meter is nice, but people who has one in their SLRs usually never used one, I have a Sekonic L-358 incident meter if I need more accurate readings.
  • bigger LCD display is nice, I love the big LCD in the back of Ming’s D2h.
  • Soft-touch shutter is nice, more pro-feel.
  • 3fps sucks, that’s probably why the buffer can hold more images. 17 RAWs vs 6 with the 20D, a crop-mode with more fps like the D2x would be useful.

I guess the 5D bridges the gap between the 20D and the $8k 1DsM2, from the specs it doesn’t look as good as the Nikon D2x. But then of course, if you already have invested in Canon L glasses, you want a pro body to compliment them, and you can’t justify spending $8k for the 1DsM2, then this might be the answer for you.

I think I’ll be keeping my 20D until its replacement comes out.

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