Sunday in silicon valley

Did a ton of shopping today, at Valley Fair, that place was like a real mall, not like the little malls in Austin… This is the real shit, like the Mall of America in Minnesota, with covered parking garage on the sides, and a road that surrounds the malls. I like it here that a lot of places have covered parking!! Even the sucky Target at Sunnyvale I went yesterday had it.

Bought quite a bit of clothes from Nordstrom, coz I donated most of my old stuff back in Austin (most were really not worth shipping or bringing over here)… Actually they didn’t have my size for most of the stuff I bought there, or they had to be tailored, so I won’t get them until next week. Good thing when they ship from a different Nordstrom location, they do it free of charge when the total of the shipment is over $100. I then raided the stores in the mall for more work clothes, and then at Macy’s, they had a lot of household items on sale, like I got an electric toothbrush (gave the one I had to Sherry) at almost 60% off!

Stopped by Milpita Square again for some food, this time I got there the right way and the road brought me straight to Ranch 99. Where I was yesterday turned out to be the southern tip of it. On my way back I stopped by T.J.Maxx, this one was actually called T.J.Maxx & Home, it’s bigger than normal.

After that I made my way to Costco, it was crazy there. Took me a good 15 minutes to park, and the place was also much bigger than the Austin version, and I thought everything were bigger in Texas, false! The highlight of the day was seeing the Vita-Mix guys there, I immediately went to pick one up. The guy was trying to explain what was in the box, I was like, dude, just GIVE ME ONE! He seemed surprised that he didn’t have to do anything to sell me a $360 blender, so I told him I tried to get a second one in Austin and failed. I didn’t know where Whole Foods was so I just picked up a ton of fruits from Costco for the Vita-Mix.

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