my beloved digicam on eBay

Haven’t used my Canon PowerShot S100 for a long time, so while packing up my study I decided to put it on eBay, it’s amazing how much people will pay for old stuff there… I didn’t sell it earlier coz it kindda has sentimental value, but now I’m moving away and really don’t want to ship or move stuff that I don’t use… 🙂 Most of the pics in my snapshots gallery were taken with this little 2.1MP camera! btw, when viewing an individual picture in the gallery site, you can click on the photo properties link (the icon with the question mark) to check out the EXIF info.

Here is my favorite snapshot with the S100:

Again the auction pics were some pretty nice product photography taken with my Alien Bees studio equipment. 😉 Speaking of photography, I was checking out OMP and ModelMayhem today and boy, there are some hot girls in California!! Niiiiiice!!

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