This is why I love Apple…

I consider myself an Apple zealot, both my girlfriend and I have Macs, last year I bought quite a few iPods, for ourselves and friends’ weddings. I’ve got many of my friends and family to do the switch. I have fairly high-end headphones and Apple has been very nice about replacing my 4th-generation iPod because of the 4G audio defect, I’m on my 6th one now (yes, I exchanged it FIVE times), the noise is almost not there, but I can still hear it from time to time. I’m happy with this one though. I plan to upgrade it to a color one as soon as the 60GB version becomes thinner… I can care less about video capabilities… my iTunes library in Apple Lossless is at around 50GB now.

Here’s another great Apple experience:

We’ve sent in Sherry’s dual-USB iBook for the logic board replacement several times, and they messed up the Airport antenna one time and we had to sent it in again.

Recently we started seeing flickering on the screen, so I called Apple Support and told them the iBook had been sent in like 4 or 5 times, and the machine was mission critical, which is true, she uses it for school. I also told him I was a shareholder and while I didn’t want Apple to lose money on me, I really felt like the dual-USB iBook was a POS design. 😉

I was quickly transferred to a specialist, and after reviewing my support history he agreed to send us a replacement. He apologized that he wouldn’t be able to replace it with the same model, that the replacement would be the latest and greatest iBook G4, with scrolling trackpad, Sudden Motion Sensor, Bluetooth 2.0, 512MB of RAM, and built-in Airport Extreme. 🙂 I thought that was a joke, and that I would gladly take an iBook G4 over a dual-USB G3, but he said some people really did get upset coz they wanted the exact same model as replacements. After all the problems we’ve had with the main board, I would never touch another dual-USB iBook G3. 😀 I paid $50 to upgrade the hard drive to 60GB. She could’ve paid the price difference and upgrade to a PowerBook, but after all the shopping at Anya Hindmarch, Louis Vuitton, and Harrods in London, she didn’t feel like doing the upgrade. hehe…

He emailed me a Fedex label, I’ll ship it out tomorrow, in about 10 days we’ll get a brand spanking new iBook G4!! YAY!

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