Sony Ericsson Akono HBH-662

Finally got my HBH-662 from my eBay seller, it was shipped via USPS Priority Mail from CT, so took almost a week to get here. The instructions recommended charging it for 8 hours the first time, so it’s still charging.

The battery indicator reads full charge after just 2 hours, so I made some test calls with the power adaptor plugged in. The call quality is MUCH MUCH better than the Scala 500 and the Jabra BT250v. (I wrote about my experience with those 2 headsets in my previous entry). When receiving calls, the phone switches to the HBH-662 very quickly. Caller ID shows up just fine, but with the Treo 650, it only shows phone numbers, but not the names. It’s fine coz I don’t really care about the caller ID feature.

The volume could be louder, but I was using it with the power plugged in, so maybe I could’ve moved the earpiece closer to my ear. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to hear it very well in my Evo. I read from TreoCentral that I could use a Jabra gel with the HBH-662, so I might do that. Those gel molds are very comfortable, and they should give me better isolation.

Overall I am very happy with it, I might post more about it later. Feel free to post comments if you guys have questions about it, though most of them have probably been answered at the TreoCentral thread on this headset.

When will Shure or Etymotic make Bluetooth headsets?? 😀

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