3 thoughts on “A VC: The Five Things I Learned In Business School

  1. seoulfully

    jobs – gotta do what you love?

    what if what i love is to loaf around all day on the internet and play with consumer electronics and buy things (like watches, cars, pens, clothes)? where can i get paid to do that? (other than trying in vain to become a gear reviewer for some “magalog” like cargo?)

  2. seoulfully

    they had an “intern” contest earlier this year. but since i’m not moving to nyc til later this summer it seemed a but premature to enter. plus, i kind of need paid work at this point. as i’m eyeballs in debt (haha, seemed like a good idea taking those loan checks to go to school, but now that i have to pay it all back, not so sure. hahaha).


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