Bluetooth headset and Treo 650

So I finally decided to return my Scala 500 to Amazon, I can’t bear the background noise and voice quality when used with my Treo 650. Apparently a lot of people love this headset when paired with other phones. I picked up a Jabra BT250v from Best Buy tonight, I loved a Jabra ear broom I had years ago, but the BT250v sucks too, it’s slightly better than the Scala, it’s louder and more comfortable, build quality was also obviously better. But it still had some clicking noise, the range also sucks. Definitely not worth 2x the price. So it’s going back to Best Buy tomorrow. The Jabra took a long time to connect also, about twice as long as the Scala 500.

I think I’ll get a SE Akono HBH-662 on eBay, according to posts on HoFo and TreoCentral, it works really well with the Treo 650.

UPDATE: alright, just picked up a HBH-662 on eBay, wish me luck with this one! 🙂 If this doesn’t work well I think I’m gonna give up on Bluetooth handsfree for now. Well, if I won the lottery I might give the Nextlink Bluespoon stuff a try, but at >$300 for a headset it’s a bit insane for me. I will have to check out some Bluespoon headsets in person when I get to Europe.

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