So it’s true! Apple going to Intel!

Live from WWDC: Steve Jobs keynote – Engadget – Like I said in an earlier post, the processors don’t really matter much. Apple uses (an enhanced version of) GCC, so as long as GCC works with Intel chips (of course it does, what do you think GNU/Linux or *BSD were compiled with?), porting most apps will be pretty much a recompile.

I’m not sure what they’re gonna do with their 64-bit stuff, I sure hope they won’t be using the Itanium2 for that. Or maybe they have managed to cool one of those with a quiet fan in a PowerMac now???

Apps that take advantage of special instructions might take more time to port, but then almost all of those apps already have existing Windows ports so the assembly-level optimized algorithms should be easily ported. Theo Gray mentioned they ported Mathematica in two days. I’d imagine the graphics apps like Photoshop might take more time, but they’ve got very smart people at Adobe so they should have no problem. 🙂

Oh yeah, btw, I hope I won’t have to have an “Intel inside” sticker on my next Mac, I hate those things…


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