The Sun Sets on Oasis

Though I don’t like this restaurant, it is an Austin landmark and apparently loved by a lot of people, sad news…

Some pics I found at AAS’s site, pretty crazy!!

The Sun Sets on Oasis


Around 4:30 a.m. this morning, the Oasis restaurant caught fire. Reports say the restaurant, whose main draw was the porches that gave Austinites and tourists a spectacular view of the sunset, is destroyed.

Reports have not yet indicated if the restaurant will be rebuilt (we’re guessing so). There are no reports on injuries or what started the fire.

We didn’t care much for the food, but feel bad that this Austin landmark is gone. And we can’t help but wonder where this leaves the employees and people who’ve booked weddings there.

Austinist feels this news may also affect some of our weekend tourists, as we happened to be at the Oasis during the biker rally a few years ago. We are sure our readers have a few suggestions as to where they can get a bite to eat.

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