Yay, finally booked flight to London, and hotel in Paris

Will be leaving Saturday June 25th, AUS->MSP->LGW, I’m flying NWA because they can stop at MSP so I can spend some time with my folks. On the way to London I will have 22 hours in Minnesota, I will also bring Fee-Fee with me and my folks will have him for 2 weeks!! W00t (I know w00t is not a real dictionary word)! He needs a vacation too!

Paris hotels are pretty interesting, as usual I went to TripAdvisor, the top 10 ranges from $90 to $1k a night. I tried to book #4 on the list as it seems like a great deal, they replied via email that they didn’t have rooms for those days I wanted… So I ended up booking Hotel de la Porte Doree, which seems like a great deal also. We’ll see… So the plan is to meet up with Sherry in London, I should arrive on Monday morning, we’ll be in Paris June 28th to July 3rd, come back to London, and off to Oxford on July 4th for the MINI Plant Tour, my friend Ming would go there with us too, as he is a car fanatic and might even buy a MINI when he returns to KL. I’ll come back to Austin on July 9th.

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