Finally got Bluetooth sync to work in Windows

So I installed the 3COM drivers and software for my 3CRWB6096B Bluetooth PC card last week, setup the virtual ports, but HotSync never showed those COM ports in the pull-down menu.

I was trying to get Internet Sharing to work, after much research and about 15 minutes of trying different things, I concluded that the 3COM driver does not support Internet Sharing. There used to be a patch that would get the Widcomm driver to work with this card, but the patch had been removed from the site.

So after playing with BT for like 15 minutes I decided to give BT HotSync another try… This time I went into the BIOS settings of my POS Dell D600, disabled the IR port, probably disabled the COM port also, not quite sure what I did. Anyway, I booted it back to Windows XP (vs. Gentoo), and wala!! I see COM5 listed in HotSync… Went to the Treo and tried a BT Sync, it worked…

Amazingly all this, plus Internet Sharing, worked out of the box with my PowerBook. LOL!

Windows sucks!!

2 thoughts on “Finally got Bluetooth sync to work in Windows

  1. seoulfully

    the best line in this post:

    “not quite sure what I did” hahahahha

    that’s not something i’d expect to hear/read. (=

  2. ayn Post author

    Yup, did several things at once coz I didn’t have a lot of time to spare, so the combination of stuff I did made it work… LOL…


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