I need better PIM solutions and integration

Right now, my contacts and calendar information are very spread out, I need to integrate and organize them. Currently they look like this:

  • Personal email addresses in Mutt alias file on my server
  • Consulting clients information in Mutt alias files on my server
  • Personal, consulting, and photography contact info in Apple’s Address Book on my PowerBook, in different categories
  • Phone numbers on my cellphone, a Samsung A530s with no Bluetooth
  • Photography and consulting schedules in iCal on my my PowerBook, in different categories
  • M$ Outlook: Calendar for meetings, business contacts, tasks, notes
  • Palm Vx that syncs with M$ Outlook, but I rarely use the Vx anymore
  • emails in M$ Outlook, consulting and personal accounts on server under Maildir fromat, accessable via IMAP over SSL and mail reader like Mutt on server

I wonder if there is a device on this planet that would help me organize all this. Ideally, I want something that allows me to sync Outlook calendar and contacts onto the device under their own category (I’ll prolly call it Outlook), sync my personal stuff under personal category, so I can have all contacts info in one device… I think with Missing Sync I could do that on the PowerBook.

Emails, that’s a tough one. I don’t really care if I have access to my Exchange emails when I’m on the go. But it’d be nice to have my personal and especially my consulting emails. I will need something like Crackberry that pulls my IMAP accounts and post them to my handheld, or have a Treo with internet connection and a native IMAP client that handles multiple accounts nicely.

Ability to do IMs will be a big plus also… That’s one thing I really love the SKII for.

Maybe I’ll give the VZW Treo 650 a try and see if it can fullfill my needs…

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