TWS weekend

Just got back from TWS, first day was real nice, not too hot until later in the day, took me a good 2 sessions to get back up to speed as the last time I was out there was about 6 months ago. The tires held up pretty well, I guess I am just not fast enough.

I really need to go to the track more often, but it’s such a PITA to drive out there and stuff. Next weekend if I work a corner on Sat I’ll get free track time on Sun, so I might do that.

Oh yeah, Peter traded in his Evo for an Evo RS, that car is sweet!! I would’ve bought an RS instead of MR if they could find me one. He had to drive out to California to pick it up, I don’t want one that bad myself. The MR is supposed to be faster at the track, but of course it’s the driver that really matters, and I suck. 🙁

Sunday was raining all day, only got one session in, but it was alright, at least I got to drive the MR in the rain. It felt pretty good, but people weren’t driving fast enough and running the 1.8-mile course you pretty much can only pass in the straigtaway…

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