Well, I think the $100 512MB Shuffle is the real seller

I agree that the $199 4GB mini is a better deal than the 1GB Shuffle, but the big iPods are way better deals if you care about GB/dollar.

I believe research and focus group have shown that $100 is the sweet spot for consumers. They don’t look at GB/dollar, as most of them really don’t need more than 512MB.

Now, it will be interesting when flash prices come down so they can sell the 1GB Shuffle for $100.

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One thought on “Well, I think the $100 512MB Shuffle is the real seller

  1. seoulfully

    it is DEFINITELY the magic $99 price point. if a 512 was like $50 and th 1gb was $99, the 1gig would be tops. okay, probably not. but as someone who used to, and wishes he still could, buy a lot of consumer electronics on a whim, that $99 price point is the magic breaking point. above that, even $110, would require a bit more thought…


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