Model No-Show frustration

I hate it, this was the second time I got a no-show. This time is worse coz I actually confirmed with the model this afternoon and she said she planned to be here. We had also met up at a coffee shop last Thursday to talk about the shoot.

There might’ve been a good reason, but she used to have “Upcoming: TFCD shoot with Austin photographer Andrew Ng” on her OneTalentSource page, now it doesn’t say that, so I am fairly sure she really just blew me off. WTF…

There was a documentation meeting from 5 to 10pm at work and I had to take off at 7:30 for the shoot. Spent half an hour setting up the studio… I think I’m gonna stick with paid models or paid shoots from now on, if I do TFP I’d take a deposit. This is insane, and extremely frustrating. At least I didn’t rent any equipment or hired any markup artist. jesus…

oh yeah, her name is Elizabeth Austin Schoenfeld, in case any fellow Austin photographer wanna do a photoshoot with her. Proceed with caution.

While I’m at it, the first model that was a no-show was Jennifer Payne, OMP #167440.

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