Spam got outta hand

My rsync backup to a friend’s server has been using a lot of time and resource these couple of days… I looked into what exactly is happening, and after 5 minutes of poking around my rdiff-backup root, I figured it out.

It was my goddamn spam folder. Some dude has been sending spams with random AT aynassociates DOT com as the return path or from address, I had setup my mails so that random username at my consulting company’s domain goes directly to my spam folder. This resulted in about 100 spam per minute!! Now I’m giving those mails an exit code:

ayn@NGBERT:~>cat .qmail-aynassociates-default
|exit 100

Much better! Also updated my backup script to exclude my .spam maildir. Now backup is back to normal, I regained 5% storage space on my server…

Spam sucks!

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