Aggressive drivers’ workshop

So I got back from first day of the Aggressive Drivers’ Workshop in Round Rock. Cool crowd, one guy did 115mph on a bike on I35!! LOL! I had to do this because I got clocked at 72mph on 2222. Pretty normal speed really on that road. It sucked that I had a Lidatek LE-30 transponder in my front bumper, but as I was passing a bunch of cars, the cop couldn’t point his laser gun at me until I passed him. I didn’t see him as it was blocked by the cars I was passing… Anyway, I should’ve installed a transponder in the rear as well! LOL!

Oh yeah, so we went around the room and told everyone how fast we were going. I was borderline fast in that group. I was told the average was usually around 102mph. After the first hour the instructors were like, if you guys answered a trivia question, we’ll let you guys get off early. It was something simple, like if a brother and sister were born on the same day from the same parents but are not twins, what are they. So I was like, ahh… triplets… LOL… and then we got off early, nice!

Tomorrow might be as cool, 8am til 6pm, damnit, at least we can talk about how much we hate traffic cops all day.

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