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I’m following my friend Eugene’s footsteps, we’ve been sending out a lot of links via emails or IMs to our friends… I’m going to post them here instead… WordPress seems easier to use than phpnuke, so I’m going to move the blog session to this site… I’m using phpnuke primarily because of the nice Gallery user integration. Everything else pretty much sucks with phpnuke.

I chose WP because it’s open source and free, don’t really feel like paying for Movable Type. WP was a breeze to install, took about 15 minutes to get this up and running. Another 5 minutes or so to “burn” the feed at Feedburner, another 10 minutes to use mod_rewrite to redirect the site feed to Feedburner’s URI. ?

Feedburner is really a cool service, my “aynblog” feed includes my updates, Amazon ads based my blog content, it gives me site statistics, subscriber info, etc etc…

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