damn browser cache!!

Took me an hour to figure out why my Apache mod_rewrite directives to get feedburner working didn’t work. Basically, in WordPress 1.5, it spits out a default .htaccess to simplify the links, the default file looks like this.

So I looked for the ^feed redirects (the 2 bolded lines) and moved them to the bottom and qualify them with HTTP-AGENT. Basically I wanted traffic coming from Feedburner to get the regular XML content, and I want everyone else to get it via Feedburner, the file now looks like this.

I refreshed my browser and it wouldn’t re-direct me to the Feedburner page, so I hacked the .htaccess thinking I did something wrong. But it’s really as simple as that… After I got back from a meeting it dawned on me, Firefox cached the goddamn page and didn’t actually go fetch it. I cleared the browser cache, and wola!! FB feed!

Yes, I am an idiot…

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