Aggressive drivers’ workshop

So I got back from first day of the Aggressive Drivers’ Workshop in Round Rock. Cool crowd, one guy did 115mph on a bike on I35!! LOL! I had to do this because I got clocked at 72mph on 2222. Pretty normal speed really on that road. It sucked that I had a Lidatek LE-30 transponder in my front bumper, but as I was passing a bunch of cars, the cop couldn’t point his laser gun at me until I passed him. I didn’t see him as it was blocked by the cars I was passing… Anyway, I should’ve installed a transponder in the rear as well! LOL!

Oh yeah, so we went around the room and told everyone how fast we were going. I was borderline fast in that group. I was told the average was usually around 102mph. After the first hour the instructors were like, if you guys answered a trivia question, we’ll let you guys get off early. It was something simple, like if a brother and sister were born on the same day from the same parents but are not twins, what are they. So I was like, ahh… triplets… LOL… and then we got off early, nice!

Tomorrow might be as cool, 8am til 6pm, damnit, at least we can talk about how much we hate traffic cops all day.

Posting from SharpMT

Downloaded SharpMT, a free blog authoring tool. Works pretty well, not quite as good as Ecto in OS X, but good enough for casual offline blogging when I’m stuck with a Windows laptop… 🙂

Spam got outta hand

My rsync backup to a friend’s server has been using a lot of time and resource these couple of days… I looked into what exactly is happening, and after 5 minutes of poking around my rdiff-backup root, I figured it out.

It was my goddamn spam folder. Some dude has been sending spams with random AT aynassociates DOT com as the return path or from address, I had setup my mails so that random username at my consulting company’s domain goes directly to my spam folder. This resulted in about 100 spam per minute!! Now I’m giving those mails an exit code:

ayn@NGBERT:~>cat .qmail-aynassociates-default
|exit 100

Much better! Also updated my backup script to exclude my .spam maildir. Now backup is back to normal, I regained 5% storage space on my server…

Spam sucks!

Start-ups shouldn’t bother with detailed business plans: Mike Moritz

Start-ups shouldn’t bother with detailed business plans: Mike Moritz

Maybe, but startups should not come into that first meeting with a potential investor with nothing but a nice smile and a firm handshake. The point of a business plan is simply the intellectual exercise of crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. No investor really believes that it’s a rigid plan, but investors do want to have confidence that you have figured out the moving parts and have a well formed idea of the direction you need to go in. I don’t get detailed business plans for any of the deals we look at, but we do expect to see evidence of detailed planning behind the great teams.

Link: Start-ups shouldn’t bother with detailed business plans: Mike Moritz.

According to BusinessWeek’s Deal Flow blog, Michael Moritz, a general partner at VC firm Sequoia Capital and an early investor in Google, Yahoo! and Cisco, while speaking at the VentureOne conference in San Francisco told a story about Google that demonstrated why VCs always say they invest in entrepreneurs or ideas–and not business plans.As you might know, Google started out thinking it would