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Uploaded more pics

More pictures from Paris uploaded, still got more from Sherry’s camera to upload, will do that next week when she returns… check these for now…

Sherry took this pic with her little PowerShot SD200, not bad for a tiny 3.2MP digicam!!

london stands – a photoset on Flickr

london stands – a photoset on Flickr: Cool, gonna get some T-shirts. Damn terrorists messed up a few tube lines, but didn’t stop us from going to Central London these 2 days. The Bowes Park WAGN station is only 2 minutes away from Sherry’s house. Takes less than 10 minutes to get to Finsbury Park, where we can transfer to the Victoria Line.

Did some shopping at H&M and Esprit myself, stuff so damn cheap, unbelievable. Sherry got another bag at the Louis Vuitton shop on New Bond Street. It was a Monogram Panda Pochette, tax free of course, pretty cool stuff… Last night we went to The Producer, it was okay.

We finally made it to the Buckingham Palace today, and we saw the QUEEN!! We saw her in a Rolls Royce, very very cool! 🙂

Londoners resumed lives as usual shortly after the attack.

Shopping in London

Been doing a bit of tax-free shopping in London these couple of days. The Harrods Knightsbridge store is absolutely amazing. There is nothing like this in the U.S., not even the Macy’s in NYC. There is a crazy sale going on right now, Sherry and I went there the last 2 days. You see luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, or Marc Jacobs at 30% to 60% off, pretty insane, I’ve never seen these things discounted this much. Still no discount at their Louis Vuitton section though. Sherry picked up a nice YSL la boheme big hobo bag for 1/2 price Monday. We were gonna go to the LV store in Paris to get her a birthday present, but it turned out most of the stores closed on Sundays there. So yesterday we finally made it to the Louis Vuitton store on Sloan Street, shopping there was quite an experience, took her forever to decide what to buy, at the end I bought her a monogram speedy 30. It’s great getting stuff here coz we get VAT back, so it’s about 15% less expensive than eLuxury, and another 8-10% less expensive than getting from LV stores.

I didn’t get anything myself coz the stuff I want (watches) are still too expensive even after the crazy Harrods sales and VAT deduction. 🙁 I’ll keep that in mind next time I come over here. 🙂

Got back to London

Finally got a more reliable internet connection, uploaded the pics I post-processed so far, but I am way behind on processing them. 🙂

Update: just finished processing the pictures until the middle of day 3 of this trip… they can be found at here and here… enjoy! I will work on more soon, we took some really neat shots of Arc de Triomphe in the evening of day 3.

In Paris now

My hotel has free Wifi, but the connection is not that great. I’ll post some pics to my snapshot gallery soon. I am shooting RAW so it takes a while to process them.