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Ecto new release

Kudos to the Ecto development team, the new version is way better, this came when I got 3 days left in my evaluation. Very nice! I’ll probably get it when it expires. I wonder if they upgraded the Windoze version or not, I’ll find out when I get into the office tomorrow…

Ten ways to live longer – –

1. oversleeping is kindda fun, I wish I had time to do it more often…

2. I’m an optimist

3. I’m doing alright

4. I have Fee-Fee, he’s such a cool dog

5. I workout regularly so I’m prolly okay

6. Been working on it, probably not working on it hard enough

7. don’t smoke

8. chill out prolly too much, which contradicts #6

9. I take enough antioxidants, blueberries in my post-workout protein shakes

10. don’t plan on it any time soon, IMO it contradicts #6

Ten ways to live longer – –