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2006 Lexus IS

Just checked out the new Lexus IS (Lexus official site, video), I think it looks nice! 18″ rims and RWD. They almost make it right this time. A couple of problems:

  • you can’t get a manual gearbox with the AWD model
  • the 6spd paddle shifter is just a slushy with paddles, it still has a torque converter
  • Looks like they won’t offer a real manual gearbox for the bigger 3.5L V6 model
  • It’s not clear if they will continue to offer limited-slip differential as an option

Still, most buyers of these cars probably would care less about these things. If you’re in the market for an BMW E90 with Steptronic transmission, I would give the new Lexus IS a very hard look!! I hope they put out an IS 350 with the 3.5L engine, LSD, and a 6-speed close-ratio manual gearbox. – How to Swap Radio with Gauge Panel – How to Swap Radio with Gauge Panel
I finally did this to my Evo MR today, way better, now I can actually read the boost gauge while driving, not just when I’m in the front straightaway. 🙂 The writeup is dead-on btw, only took me about 15 minutes to complete. I should’ve done this as soon as I got the car, but I guess I’ve been lazy with this… I did do the more important stuff like changing oil every 3k miles, brake fluids, etc etc…

California Speedway crash

2 died at California Speedway track event in Carrera GT

more discussion at Pelican Part’s forums

This is everywhere on the net tonight, very sad, RIP Ben and Friend. 🙁

Update: Found this on Toadfly

Ferrari Owners Club event.

No corner workers. [There might’ve been 2 of them for the entire track]

No flaggers.

Organizers–AMAZINGLY–changed pit out so it merget at the end of the main high-speed straight, instead of a long blend line that takes you all the way around to the turn into the infield.

Another car pulled out of pits, at much lower speed, in front of him. He swerved, and hit wall at 150 mph./blockquote>

TWS weekend

Just got back from TWS, first day was real nice, not too hot until later in the day, took me a good 2 sessions to get back up to speed as the last time I was out there was about 6 months ago. The tires held up pretty well, I guess I am just not fast enough.

I really need to go to the track more often, but it’s such a PITA to drive out there and stuff. Next weekend if I work a corner on Sat I’ll get free track time on Sun, so I might do that.

Oh yeah, Peter traded in his Evo for an Evo RS, that car is sweet!! I would’ve bought an RS instead of MR if they could find me one. He had to drive out to California to pick it up, I don’t want one that bad myself. The MR is supposed to be faster at the track, but of course it’s the driver that really matters, and I suck. 🙁

Sunday was raining all day, only got one session in, but it was alright, at least I got to drive the MR in the rain. It felt pretty good, but people weren’t driving fast enough and running the 1.8-mile course you pretty much can only pass in the straigtaway…