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busy weekend

Haven’t had time to blog, life’s been crazy, last weekend was spent doing these:

  • picked up sherry from airport
  • moved from hotel to condo (this took a couple of days)
  • getting TiVo to perform initial setup without a phone line
  • drove up to SF to have dinner with Jen
  • rented a Penske truck, drove to Costco for a TV and Ikea for furniture for the entire condo
  • move all the stuff from the truck to the condo, this was not easy
  • assemble furniture
  • bought and setup A/V stuff, got the Onkyo HT-S780 system for $399 at Fry’s. Jason helped me move the huge box with his family van, he also helped with the cables and to organize them, thanks Jason!
  • figure out what A/V cables I need, ordered them from eBay
  • bought more shit from Amazon, I definitely make good use of my Amazon Prime membership
  • more furniture assembling
  • unpack boxes
  • unpack clothes, still unpacking some
  • drove sherry to airport, flight was overbooked, so drove her back with a $350 AA voucher… nice…
  • got a car wash at a hand wash place

I guess part of the problem of living in a brand new place is that some things don’t work. My dishwasher stops in the middle of a cycle, the problem was not the dishwasher itself, but I suspect it was the fusebox or whatever circuitry that thing has… apparently after I turn it on the power outlet cuts power… I swapped the garbage disposal and dishwasher plugs, and it worked… I emailed my landlord to get that fixed… I use my dishwasher and disposal almost every day so this is kindda annoying…

The door bell stopped working all the sudden, I’m not sure why, the switch used to lit up, now there is no light, and the chime doesn’t work… This doesn’t bother me much, as people can just knock on the f’king door… But the lit-switch looks kindda cool at night…

My building’s lights in the hallways are completely off, it’s f’king dark walking around here…

Work is crazy too… I’m definitely living life… LOL…

In California now

Today I left Austin and officially moved to the bay area. I lived in Austin for about 5 years, love it there, but wanted a change of scenery. Flew into SJC, picked up a rental car from Hertz for 2 days, will be getting a cheaper weekly rental from Enterprise next Monday morning, my flight got delayed and by the time I got to SJC only the airport rental locations were open.

Intercity Lines will be picking up my Evo middle of next week and I should have it the beginning of the following week. Like I said in my previous blog entry, I am staying at the Larkspur Landing. It’s pretty nice, got my Airport Express setup so got wifi in my room. 😀

I do miss Austin…

Good reason to read this using RSS

So the RSS is burn with Feedburner, and one of the features of Feedburner is to automatically insert bookmarks into my feed. So if you are subscribed to my RSS feed, you will see my daily additions to my bookmarks. Pretty cool huh?

btw, I’ve been using instead of mainly because of delicious2safari. There are similar tools for Firefox (Foxylicious?) but it doesn’t seem to work right with my Windoze laptop.