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Introducing Sherry’s blog

Sherry finally put up her blog – Sherry’s list of things – friends, family, travel, shopping, food, hello kitty, and everything else… pretty obvious what she plans to blog about from her tag line, hehe… She’s already blinged it out with her Flickr badge, Feedburner feed chicklets and Technorati.

Check it out, subscribe to her feed, etc etc… 🙂

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GReader shared items

If you’ve read this blog for a while you might notice I haven’t been posting stuff from other sites/blogs on here as often, this is because I’ve switched to using Google Reader and I’ve been sharing links with the sharing feature in Google Reader. Until FeedBurner adds the capability to burn GReader shares into my main RSS feed, you can look at my GReader shares here, and there is a feed for the shared items here. For those who still comes here with a web browser, there is a “clip” on my shared items on the left sidebar as well, below the categories…

IP change

Since ServerBeach still might have ARP problems with the primary IP of my server, I’m switching my blog hostname to use one of my secondary IPs, this should minimize possible downtime at least for the blog… I have configured Apache to listen to both IPs for now, so everything should work… Please leave me a comment to report problems…

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Switched from AuthImage to Akismet for spam protection

Most people didn’t like the way comments were handled with authimage and also the fact that I required a user to be logged in to comment… I have just removed authimage and adopted Akismet, let me know if this is any better!!

Stop Comment Spam and Trackback Spam « Akismet

Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short) is a collaborative effort to make comment and trackback spam a non-issue and restore innocence to blogging, so you never have to worry about spam again.

Technorati now indexing my site *again*

I’ve noticed that Technorati has not been indexing my site, not sure why. I have WordPress setup to ping them automatically, I blog with Etco it also pings them automatically. I even went their Technorati’s site and manually ping’ed them. Nothing worked… Contacted their tech support and I’m still waiting for a reply. I ended up deleted my “claim” on my blog, waited a couple of minutes and “re-claiming” it, and now it’s being indexed again. I have no idea what happened… I hope they’d send me a reply some time today or tomorrow…

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Considering upgrading my server to Sarge

So sarge, the newest stable version of Debian, has been out for a while. My friend Dan has upgraded his server (he gave me free hosting there for years, until I got my own server), and it went smoothly with the exception of some LILO or GRUB problems (I need to ask him what it was exactly, my server boots with GRUB). I replaced “woody” with “stable” in /etc/apt/sources.list, updated the packages list, and here are the aptitude outputs…

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seoulfully asked for some pics of my new place, so I just took some and posted them here, quality wasn’t that great, I used the EOS batch processing program to turn the RAWs into JPEGs. Obviously, I am missing a dining table, Ikea was out of stock. I also need to find a big rug for my “study”, which is supposed to be a dining room, but I don’t need a dining room…