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Taipei reception photos from Ming Thein

My friend Ming Thein attended and photographed our reception, amazing shots as usual (Flash required, direct link to the photoset on Flickr):

Ming will be doing workshops in KL, Sydney, and London in 2014. If you’re serious about improving your craft, I highly recommend attending them. He also does email school and videos, check them out. Great stuff!

We also put together a slideshow of these images with Animoto:

The Time of My Life: Staten Island Native Mike Cassidy Shares His Experience Finishing The NYC Marathon Hand-In-Hand With His Hero Meb Keflezighi |

As we entered Central Park at Columbus Circle, I turned to Meb and told him as much. “It’s an honor to run with you,” I said. His response is something I’ll never forget.“No,” he said. “Today is not about us. It’s about representing New York. It’s about representing Boston. It’s about representing the USA and doing something positive for our sport. We will finish this race holding hands.”I’m a believer that running brings out the best in people. Running inspires. Running unites. Running uplifts. By pushing us to our limits and across them, running takes us to places we never thought possible—or even real. A good run can turn a dark day bright and make a bright day shine brighter. Performed on the scale of a marathon, running can transform communities and change lives.

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2014 Taroko Gorge Marathon


A 6.7-magnitude earthquake jolted Hualien 2 days before the marathon, the organizer changed the full marathon to a half marathon due to safety concerns. 12k runners all ran the half in the rain. Decent race, I didn’t really know what my HM pace should be, so I just kindda ran by feel. Finished with chip time of 1:38:47.


The iPhone dramatically tore down our understanding of everything that preceded it: phones; computers; software; the Internet; how we consume information; how we communicate; how we are (not) beholden to gigantic infrastructure companies that basically hate us. It’s all done differently now. The Way Things Are was about to become The Way Things Were. So, “Hello.”

The Galaxy Gear ad, and the Galaxy Gear itself, convey none of this. The ad primes us with decades of fantastic expectations — expectations which just about any review of the product you can find will tell you have not been met. It also implicitly, and very ironically, shows just how lacking in vision the product itself is. The iPhone ad says, “We’re starting over.” The Gear ad says, “We tried to make that exact thing you’ve seen on TV all these years.”

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Reclaiming storage used by Messages on iOS devices

12GB of messages much better

For a while now I’ve noticed that Messages on my phone was using 12GB of space. That seems like a lot, even on my Mac doesn’t use nearly as much space. After a bit of research, I learned that there was a bug in Messages that attachments didn’t get deleted when the conversations were. Somewhere around iOS 6.0 or 6.1, this bug was fixed, but the stale attachments that were saved prior to this fix never got cleaned up. Deleting all the conversations doesn’t fix this as that won’t delete the stale attachments. There are 2 ways to fix this. Obviously, erasing and setting up your phone from scratch is one way. Another way is as follow:

  • Backup the device to iTunes, I recommend encrypting the backup so you won’t have to re-enter passwords
  • Open up the backup archive with a tool such as iBackupBot
  • Duplicate the backup just to be safe
  • Locate and delete the SMS data from backup archive (HomeDomain/Library/SMS and MediaDomain/Library/SMS)
  • Restore device from said backup
  • Enjoy re-claimed space on your iDevice


ref: Stratus Fear‘s post at MacRumors.